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Dr. Kris Radcliff specializes in simplifying the management of complex spine conditions and traumatic spine injuries, focusing exclusively on spine surgery, with particular expertise in the area of artificial disc replacement. Dr. Radcliff is highly experienced, having performed more than 10,000 spine surgeries. He combines conservative decision-making judgment with state-of-the-art and minimally invasive surgical techniques, endoscopic spine surgery, and artificial disc replacement.
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Workers Comp & Personal Injury

Don’t be a statistic


Top cause of fatalities on the job (including motor vehicle crashes)


Less than 40% of 3 million nonfatal workplace injuries ever filed claims

Injury Cases

Percentage of personal injury cases that settle out of court


By far, car accidents are the leading reason for personal injuries

Worker’s Compensation

The right care at the right time
workers compensation doctor

Any injury that stops you from working takes a toll economically and emotionally. But injuries that occur in the workplace can be particularly debilitating.


Workplace injuries often occur because of high-risk jobs, lack of scarcity of safety devices, lack of training, a higher number of manual workers, and repetitive stress. Repetitive stress injuries are the most common types of work-related injuries with several risk factors, including repetitive, forceful, or prolonged exertion and awkward postures.


Dr. Radcliff is dedicated to delivering the most advanced care to patients suffering from work-related injuries so they can get back on the job. He and his staff will provide the highest level of care and hands-on guidance as you navigate the complexities of a worker’s compensation injury claim.

workers compensation and personal injury with dr. kris radcliff

If your injury involves litigation, Dr. Radcliff can provide the following services designed to meet your specific needs:

  • Need-for-treatment examinations
  • Independent medical examinations (IMEs)
  • Depositions
  • Expert testimony


We are well-versed in New Jersey and Pennsylvania guidelines for work injuries and will manage behind-the-scenes patient care to assure that patients, case managers, adjusters, and attorneys receive an expedited response to their needs.


By recommending the right care at the right time, Dr. Radcliff and his staff can help:

  • Streamline the process
  • Reduce unnecessary costs
  • Reduce lost time


Rest assured that Dr. Radcliff and the entire staff at the Spinal DISC Center will treat you with the utmost care, dignity, and respect that you deserve.

Personal Injury

personal injury patient of dr. kris radcliff
Timely medical care

Dr. Radcliff and the staff at the Spinal DISC Center provide timely medical care for individuals who have experienced a personal injury. They are highly experienced in handling personal injury patients and understand how the documentation process works.

personal injury with dr. kris radcliff
Expertise matters

Whether you were in a motor vehicle accident or have an injury related to legal action, he and his staff are extensively trained to work closely with auto carriers, third-party carriers, attorneys, other physicians’ offices, and patients, acting as liaisons and advocating for medically necessary patient care.

personal injury dr. kris radcliff
Optimize your recovery

After you call our office, we will see you promptly and conduct an in-depth evaluation of your condition. Once Dr. Radcliff has a clear understanding of your injury, he will create an appropriate care plan to optimize your recovery.

Are you in pain? Dr. Radcliff is here to help. Click here to make an appointment.