Treatment Philosophy - Spinal DISC Center | Kris Radcliff, MD | New Jersey
Dr. Kris Radcliff specializes in simplifying the management of complex spine conditions and traumatic spine injuries, focusing exclusively on spine surgery, with particular expertise in the area of artificial disc replacement. Dr. Radcliff is highly experienced, having performed more than 10,000 spine surgeries. He combines conservative decision-making judgment with state-of-the-art and minimally invasive surgical techniques, endoscopic spine surgery, and artificial disc replacement.
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Treatment Philosophy

treatment philosophy of Dr. Kris Radclif

Why I do what I do.

A passion for helping others led me down the path of medicine into a career that allows me to provide my patients with high-quality healthcare and a chance for a better, happier life.


As a spine surgeon with over a decade of experience, I realize that surgery is not always the answer and in many cases is a last resort. My patients are very important to me, and my goal is for you to receive the best possible care – whether that includes a surgical solution or a nonsurgical one – in a comfortable, welcoming setting.


I believe my patients appreciate the warmth, professional integrity, and open communication that define my medical practice. My goal is to help my patients understand their own health so they can be well informed when making important health decisions.


One of the things that I feel sets me apart is how accessible I am. In fact, my cell phone number is readily available to my patients. And, instead of waiting weeks, even months, for an appointment, my patients are scheduled in quickly. Same-day appointments are available for certain pain management procedures such as epidural injections and kyphoplasty.


I bring a holistic approach to medicine in order to find comfortable and effective solutions for my patients. Lifestyle, weight, smoking, nutrition, genetics, and work all affect your spine health. I strongly believe in the advantages of exercise and therapy for all patients. Interventional injections also play a significant role in the management of spine problems.


Efficiency is important, but some practices have lost sight of the human element and the true sense of the word “care”. Many practices prioritize volume over quality. I emphasize quality, not quantity. My patients are recipients of individualized attention and are never perceived as a number nor a means to a bottom line.


I am honored and humbled by the trust that my patients place in me. As a result, I treat my patients as I would want my own family or friends treated. This is my pledge to you and to all who allow me the opportunity to care for them.

Why now?

Healthcare seems to be going in the direction of getting bigger. I have been a part of a leading healthcare organization that has grown extensively from a few doctors in Philadelphia to a nationwide enterprise.


However, for my own patients and family, I am deliberately going “smaller.”


At the Spinal DISC Center, I can provide more individualized attention to my patients. For example, I want patients to be able to reach someone on the telephone readily. I want appointment scheduling to be seamless.


Finally, I respect my patient’s time. I want to control my schedule so that I’m not overbooked. I don’t want my waiting room to be crammed full of people to see me. I want to be able to give each patient the time that they deserve. It’s what I would want for my own family.

D is for “Discovery.” I am a healer first and foremost. First, I’ll discover who you are and what your goals are concerning your health journey. Second, I’ll discover the root cause of your problem.
I is for “Innovation.” Innovation is as important for me as it is for my patients. By staying on the edge of innovation, my patients benefit from the latest technological advancements.
S is for “Specialist.” I am a specialist within a specialty – which means that within the specialty of spine surgery, I am a specialist in the field of artificial disc replacement surgery.
C is for “Care.” Not only do I care to be an expert in spine care, but I genuinely care for my patients completely. I care who they are, I care about what they do, and I care to see that they reach their health goals from start to finish.